virtual learning

What is the relationship between learning and technology? Is there one?

The regular overhaul of the United Kingdom education system brings to the surface many of the tensions of society itself. The conflation of international school rankings, economic decline and the prospect of dominance by what used to be described as the emerging economies has spurred Government in 2012 to declare the need for schools to teach Computing, rather than the previously-prescribed, now lowly and demoted, ICT. The assumption seems to be that the teaching workforce is full of eager Computing specialists who are all too ready to ditch the low-level Office skills they were required to teach and adapt to new examination syllabuses.

It is interesting that the teaching of technology is now conflated with the acquisition of a body of knowledge, which will then lead to approved performative outcomes. Are there other approaches that might support learning?

The MirandaNet approach to the new ICT curriculum: Ian Lynch, GEBOL; Theo Keuchel, MirandaNet; Allison Allen, Outstream and Naace.


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