virtual learning

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Virtual Learning

The Impact of ICT on the Way Young People Work

J. P. Cuthell PhD

Referencing details: Cuthell, J. P. (2002) Virtual Learning Ashgate Aldershot

00 Introduction
01 The context to the research
02 Methodologies
03 Some Research Perspectives
04 Research into patterns of computer use
05 What Teachers Think About ICT
06 Multi-tasking cyborgs
07 Concepts of Mind
08 Students’ Minds
09 Towards a New Theory of Mind
10 Why can’t teachers?
11 The Autonomous Learner
12 Methodology
13 Conclusion
14 Personal epilogue
15 Appendix 1
16 Appendix 2
17 Appendix 3
18 Bibliography

This paper is a shortened version of the book, and has been published in various iterations by a number of journals over the years.

Virtual Learning