virtual learning

Seeing the Meaning

This resource is subtitled “Seeing the Meaning”, and is an opportunity to draw together the common threads and identify the key issues of visual learning, its technologies and its pedagogies for the profession.

This online resource explores:

  • the relationship between technology, theory, pedagogy and learning;
  • the relationship between work, learning and professional practice;
  • the relationship between pedagogy, assessment and visual learning.

This project has been devised to meet the needs of academics, teachers and other stakeholders for a resource that draws together existing work into Visual Learning and its related technologies. ‘Seeing the Meaning’ provides free access to all those wishing to use findings and information on the subject of visual learning and its technologies to further their own professional development, or to implement it in the workplace.

The fully indexed and searchable online resource consists of summaries of, and links to:

  • The literature, original papers and findings;
  • Case studies;
  • Pedagogical models to implement and support visual learning;
  • Visual learning technologies;
  • Video case studies and interviews.

Visual Learning is a section of MirandaNet. It has developed from a project funded by the WLE CentreInstitute of Education, University of London.

“Seeing the Meaning” has been edited by John Cuthell.

You can download a PDF document (60KB) giving a theoretical background to the topic of Visual Learning. Towards a Theory of Visual Learning (PDF, 60KB)