virtual learning

Maps of Ideas

During 2006-7 the MirandaNet Fellowship explored the ways in which multimodal mapping and ICT could enhance teaching and learning. Visual thinking and learning tools such as Mind Mapping and Concept Mapping have long been used in classrooms. They support (and in many cases underpin) visual learning. Findings from all of the projects indicate that the use of such tools has a significant impact on the learning environment, on pupil perceptions of learning, and on attainment. Visual learning describes an approach to teaching in which diagrams such as concept maps, mind maps, tree diagrams, organisation charts and spider diagrams are used to help students of all ages think and learn more effectively. They are all used for storing, processing, organising and presenting information graphically. These techniques can be used across the curriculum and through all phases of education, from K – 12. The most popular elements of visual learning are Concept Mapping and Mind Mapping.

Online collaborative concept maps have now been integrated with a number of other collaborative digital technologies to enhance Continuous Personal Professional Development.