virtual learning

Case Studies and Resources

International comparisons:
the Promethean Ambassadors Project, 2004 – 7.

Ambassadors for ACTIVlearning

Tools for Transformation: The Impact of Interactive Whiteboards in a range of contexts

The Impact of Interactive Whiteboards on Teaching, Learning and Attainment

It’s a Vision Thing

Case studies from the classroom: the 2003 project

New tools, new pedagogies, new learning?

Interactive Whiteboards in the Primary School

An approach to an effective methodology

How do visual display technologies enhance learning?

2003 Promethean – MirandaNet ACTIVboard Practice-based Research Project: Case studies

ACTIVboards and Mathematics: student feedback

Ben Franklin, Sir Charles Lucas Arts College
Students comment on the ways in which interactive whiteboards have changed their learning.

Breaking Barriers to Literacy
Marion Scott-Baker, Cheam School

Hit the Road, Jack …
Tony McNally, Castle View School, Sunderland

Journey into Visual Teaching and Learning
Dai Thomas, Ringmer Community College, Sussex

Raising achievement with under-achieving boys
Kirsten Lowe, Castle View School, Sunderland

Switching on switched-off children

Karen Graham, St. Giles C. E. Primary School, Shrewsbury

Using Inter-ACTIVboards for teaching Interactive Maths Lessons
Jonathan Wood, Ringmer Community College, Sussex

Evidence from other studies

IWB: What the research shows
What the research says about interactive whiteboards. A Becta research paper, from the ICT in Research Network.

Interactive whiteboards survey: report
During 2003 teachers from schools, colleges and universities responded to an online questionnaire on the MirandaNorth and Virtual Learning websites and posted information about their uses of interactive whiteboards, and the effects that they had experienced in their teaching and their students’ learning. John Cuthell wrote the summary.

The Review Project
Ros Walker was the project manager: The Review Project was based at Hull University and was supported by NESTA and Promethean, Ltd. The aim of the project was to identify and disseminate best practice in the use of interactive whiteboards.